An Idea for GMail

I am constantly managing my GMail inbox and, while email comes in way too fast, I spend the time to keep my inbox as my “action list.” It works quite well. Then, the other night, I was chatting with a friend about on Twitter and he opened my eyes to something: Whatever is left in my inbox most likely was initiated by someone else, not me. Furthermore, it’s not sorted in the order in which I should process each one. And, my task sidebar list isn’t integrated into GMail as an option, so I have to monitor two flows that are separated.

So, my idea is this: Maybe GMail could build features that (1) let users sort their inbox according to priority that the user deems most important to least important; and (2) easily integrate their “task” list into that flow?

About Semil Shah

Official contributor to @TechCrunch (since Jan 2011); from July 1, will begin EIR with @JavelinVP

5 responses to “An Idea for GMail”

  1. Jeffrey says :

    Have you tried Boomerang? It might help with this although it doesn’t sort, it gets stuff out of your way and brings it back on a schedule that you specify.

  2. Brian Mascarenhas (@bmasc) says :

    I’ve always thought it would be great if Google integrated their task list into the inbox.

  3. Pierre Legrain (@pierrelegrain) says :

    Yeah, expanding drag and drop to allow reordering of emails would be neat. Another one of those cases where machine learning could be trumped by simple human action.

  4. Chris Teso (@ChrisTeso) says :

    Semil, I believe does exactly what you’re looking for.

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