Contributing to TechCrunch

I’ve been contributing to TechCrunch since January 2011. It’s been a lot of fun. Over the year, I’ve written about 25 pieces, give or take. If you are interested in contributing to TechCrunch, I believe the editorial team is looking for two types of contributors:

  1. A piece on something that is timely or newsworthy, in that moment. For instance, say that a big tech company makes a big announcement, and you have an interesting point of view; or
  2. A series of pieces or columns (more like what I do) on more frequently (say, weekly) basis. These would come out on the weekend, most likely.

If you’re interested in something like this, send me a *short* note.

A few others pointers for those interested…it would help if you’re working with companies based in/around the San Francisco Bay Area. Unless you’re providing very unique, expert, or primary-source points of view, you should write in a style that is clear and doesn’t require much editing. Finally, if you already have your own blog, send that over, because it’s most likely that those who would make good contributers are already writing for themselves.

About Semil Shah

Official contributor to @TechCrunch (since Jan 2011); from July 1, will begin EIR with @JavelinVP

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