Next Steps…

Almost 18 months ago in early 2011, governments in parts of the Middle East and Africa began to undergo dramatic change. At that time, as a history nerd, I became fixated on what online networks of people could actually do, especially with mobile technologies and social media. I then started searching around for companies in this space broadly, and stumbled upon the folks at Votizen. After many months of getting to know the company, I was lucky to receive an offer to join the team full-time last fall, before the GOP primary race of 2012. The team is focused on a big problem (yet knows how to have a good time), and now with the party conventions coming up at the end of the summer, it presents a good time to for me to move on and explore the next thing. Starting on July 2, I’ll become an EIR with Javelin Venture Partners in San Francisco for a few months this summer, which means that I’ll be in the city much more often, near Embarcadero and around SOMA to be specific. It will be exciting to reconnect with old friends and to meet founders and startups in the Valley and in the city, and I will continue all the work with TechCrunch (contributor posts and TCTV’s “In the Studio”), and begin exploring the next thing…

About Semil Shah

Official contributor to @TechCrunch (since Jan 2011); from July 1, will begin EIR with @JavelinVP

7 responses to “Next Steps…”

  1. Saumil Mehta says :

    Congrats Semil! Very nicely done!!

  2. dghoang says :

    Nice! Congrats on the move!

  3. Jer37 says :

    Way to go duder!

  4. Syed Shuttari (@SyedShuttari) says :

    Great- from EIR to your own venture fund someday -Quite a career ahead for you!

  5. Maneesh Arora says :

    Semil – great to hear the news, another step along the path….

  6. Nils Johnson says :

    Congrats and awesome to have you in the city!

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