Paddle Shifting on Mobile

Last week in Colorado, I rented a car that had stereo control buttons on the steering wheel. However, these weren’t on the front of the steering wheel, but on the back, where your fingers would rest while holding the wheel. They were kind of like paddle shifters for changing gears. Driving all over the state for hours and hours, we used the radio a lot, and I quickly became so accustomed to navigating the channels and regulating the volume without ever taking my hands off the wheel. When I got home and back into my car, my first reflex on the steering wheel was to find those paddle-shifter-like buttons. And, I started to wonder, given how much time I spend staring at my iPhone, and that specifically a few of my fingers rest on the back plate, could a phone have touch sensors or even distinct control buttons/interfaces on the backside of a phone?

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